This is a service for helping people to find gifts for their geek friends and loved ones. By drawing from the whole web and selecting the things that actually appeal to geeks we make it easier to get things they will enjoy.

It’s your birthday (No, don’t get that excited. I’m just trying to paint a mental picture for you with my dulcet words). The candles have been blown out, and now your beloved family is handing you glorious tribute swathed in glossy paper. Your hands hungrily tear through to the bounty lying within. And there it is, staring blankly up at you. An Ewok toilet bowl cleaning brush. Your family knows you love Star Wars and have heard you many times wax eloquent about why Jar Jar Binks is the angry whitehead on the otherwise blemish-free face of the original trilogy. However, just because you love Star Wars doesn’t mean you want an Endor-related bathroom accessory. Your friends and family love you just the way you are, but they just might not quite understand what gifts get a geek like yourself excited.

Geeks are like snowflakes: no two are exactly alike and they melt when exposed to sunlight.  We are a diverse group of readers, coders, artists, gamers, creators, and escaped asylum patients. The one thing that we do all have in common, though, is we really like all the things we love in a convenient, efficient format.

 Here’s the deal: your friends and family want you to be happy on gift giving holidays. You want awesome presents, you self-serving knave. Here at !,000, we’re here to help out your minions, er- friends and family with the gift buying experience. We want to help bridge the barrier between geeks and the people who love them. We are a gift giving guide for geeks, hand selected by geeks. There’s nothing sadder than the image of your aunt aimlessly wandering through the internet and trying to find something for you to love. The internet is a scary place, she should not walk alone. There’s no rule against buying yourself a present either, and we at !,000 don’t judge.

Enjoy our front page which is an assortment of hand selected geekery. Also check out our contributors’ favorites section. Each of us has a distinct point of view and flavor (which is occasionally bacon-esque). The Wishlist is an excellent way to easily group together things you like and send to you the people who care about you most. It’s a polite way of forcefully yelling “GIMMIE!”

Take a look around, enjoy yourself, and most importantly:  in a pinch, Top Gun windmill high fives are always a great gift. Just try and frown when one of those is incoming. Yeah. I thought so.

Our contributors are Kevin, Superevie, and Chops.